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Lesson Policies

1.  ASTM approved helmets (less that 5 years old) must be worn with harness buckled at all times when mounted and boots with an approximately 1" heal are required.

2.  Cancellations:  Students (or parents) are financially responsible for all lessons not canceled at least 2 hours prior to the lesson.  Cancellations may be made by phone, text, or email.

3.  WEATHER:  In the event of storms, call or text as near to your lesson time as possible on the day of your lesson to find out if I am planning to teach.   I keep a very close eye on storms and will reschedule to ensure everyones safety.

4.  Payments:  I accept Vemno, cash or check.  For lessons, payment is due before beginning the lesson.  For training, payment is due on the date training begins.  

5.  Returned Checks:  There is a $60.00 charge for any returned check.

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