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Barn Rules & Policies


1.  Help us make the farm a fun, friendly, supportive environment for all!  Be nice to others, both people and horses, no exceptions.  Treat other boarders, management, family, and guests (including their horses and property) with the same kindness and respect with which you would like to be treated, while on the farm, at shows or clinics and on social media. 

The farm is at all times to remain a friendly place suitable for the entire family of the other boarders and clients.  No belligerent, malicious, lewd, vulgar, profane or otherwise objectionable conduct or language will be tolerated. The conduct of everyone on the farm will at all times be dignified and civil.  Failure to comply with this key rule will result in your being asked to leave.  


2. All riders must sign a Legacy Equestrian Center Liability Release Waiver before handling or mounting any horse or pony on farm property.  


3. Don’t use or borrow things that aren’t yours unless you have permission from the owner.    


4. If you move something, please put it back.  If you open it, close it (doors, gates, etc.).  If you turn it on (water, lights, heaters, etc), turn it off.  If something breaks or needs attention, please let management know.  


5. If someone does something clearly wrong AND it is a safety issue/hazard let the Barn Manager know. Don’t confront the person unless a horse or person is in immediate danger.


6.  Each person is responsible for cleaning up after themselves and their horses.


7.  Clean up manure in arena immediately following your ride.






1. Ride at your own risk.      


2. It is the responsibility of parents/guardians to supervise their children at all times when on the farm.  


3. ASTM approved helmets must be worn by all riders at all times while mounted.    


4.  Appropriate, closed-toe footwear is highly recommended for everyone near the horses or stable.  


5. Keep your horse on a lead at all times when out of the stall or pasture.   


6. Do not leave horses unattended in arenas, wash racks or cross-ties.  


7. Do not tie horses to any stall, sliding stall door or fence;  it is dangerous!  Tie only to tie rails, cross ties, or inside stalls.


8. When riding in fields or trails, watch out for groundhog holes and other marked and unmarked obstacles.  If you find animal holes that should be marked, please let management know.  


9.  It is expected that parents will drop children off for lessons, however it is not acceptable to leave children for more than two hours without prior arrangement


10.  Jumping is allowed only during instruction by Emily Duevel or Patricia LaCount.


11.  Do not feed any horse but your own without owner's permission. 


12.  Do not allow your horse to "sniff noses" with other horses, as this can lead to injuries.


13.  Each person will implement any instructions or suggestions for safety made by staff.

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